Trauma in Knitting Land

I just started a sweater and was knitting away. It was time to switch from my 16 inch cirucluars to my needlemaster, so I took them out . . … My size 8’s needle tips were gone. All of the other needles were there, except my 8’s. All of my cables were there. I hunted and hunted through all of my knitting stuff. I even pulled out all of my stash. My husband was shocked at where all I hide my yarn. And the amount that I have. I am soooo mad. I can’ think of where they could have gone. I even quizzed the kids–they like to take things that don’t belong to them and create weird things with them.

I will have to send off for the replacement part. And go buy a longer circular to use until the replacment needle tip come.


How frustrating!!! There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of something and then not being able to find what you need! Well, there are worse things, but at that moment, they’re hard to think of. They’re not stuck in a forgotten project somewhere?

Oh no! This is a trauma!

So not only did the 8s disappear, meaning a frustrating stoppage in your work, but your yarn stash was revealed to the dh? :shock:

Hugs :heart:

:shock: GAAAAAAAAAH!!! :shock:

This is awful. WHERE could they be? If all the cables are in there, then they aren’t put together in some other project. They are alone somewhere in the house, and maybe…not even together!
Let’s think calmly for a minute. Do you knit in the living room furniture? Could you have had them out and then put them aside to use a different size, then got distracted and they rolled off your lap and fell between the couch cushions?
I feel for you.

:shock: Which is worse the dh finding the stash or the missing needles… close call…

I lost one of my size 4 dpns searched the house over in all my yarn and everything questioned my kids too… and a week later after I calmed down and put that project up I stumbled across it in the weirdest place my knitting bag :?? I bet in a day or two when you are doing something besides searching for them they will just magically show up did ya check the freezer?? I hope you find them soon!! :thumbsup:

Do you have a Hobby Lobby nearby?? Mine sells the extra tips…can’t imagine waiting for them to gasp come in the mail! :smiley:

How awful! That is so strange that the cables are there but not the needles. Check the couch cushions? I don’t know why they’d be there without a cable but maybe they fell out somehow?

I’m constantly finding dpn’s at the bottom of my knitting bag nestled in the seams. I’ll hunt and even dump the bag upside down then 2 days later go fishing for something in there and find it. Now it is the first place look. Oh and check your purse. I’ve found needles there too.

OH NO!! Not your Denises!! :shock:

Yikes, Christine! :shock:

Did you, by chance, take them out to make i-cord with just the tips? That’s the only reason I’ve ever used them without the cable.

Are you sure you have all your cables in there? I think it’s 4 cables in the Boye Needlemaster set.

I have taken a part the sofa and all of the chairs in the living room–where I knit. I have emptied my knitting baskets – three times. I made me daughter climb under the sofa to search . . . moved bookcases to check behind . . . still not needle tips.

I’m thinking that one of the little darings (2nd and 5th grade) took them to create something and then forgot to return them. I caught them using all of my needles to play pick up stick this summer – outside. They didn’t have my interchangeables out there, but the son is facinated by what he can made out of weird things.

No store about here – spokane WA – sell replacement parts. but I remembered that when Iwas visiting my sister in CA this summer that Beverly’s has them. I called her at 10 pm and gave her instructions to get there first thing and Fedex me. Just in case, I am sneaking over to the yarn store and purchasing a circular in the size I need, since I want to get this sweater done before me carpal surgery next month. and my sister is a bet scatterbrained . . . let’s hope she remembers.

As to the yarn stash . . . after seeing all of the yarn. My husband got on my case about my latest project. A wonderful blue and black heather sweater for the son. He wanted to know I didn’t just use the yarn from under the sofa. I told him this yarn spoke to me and I had to have it. he told me I am crazy.


:roflhard: That’s hilarious! My husband is an artist and dabbles in everything artistic…he paints on canvas, paints and fools with gourds, does woodworking, etc… He can’t complain about me! Plus he has one of the bedrooms for all his hobbies and I use one of the other ones for computer and my hobbies.

One of my favorite parts of At Knit’s End is her comback to comments about her stash. Something along the lines of 'Nobody every said, ‘Hey, Michaelangelo–what’s with all the paint?’

:roflhard: :roflhard: GOOD point! I’m not so sure I would be bold enough to compare myself to Michaelangelo though :rollseyes:

To downsize it a bit. I have given away all the yarn I really don’t love love. There is a girl in my Camp Fire group who has taken up knitting and I want to encourage her. Tonight she will be getting a bag of yarn to play with.


That’s so sweet of you! And it will be going to a good home!