Transpose flat to circular pattern

Hi everyone!

I’m taking on the wonderful art of circular knitting. I want to make the horizontal herringbone stitch to work in the round…
row 1 - k1 sl1, k1, psso (but knit slip stitch through back before dropping) rep until last stitch k1 though back
row 2 - p2tog before dropping stitches from left needle, purl 1st stitch again

any idea? or not possible?


That sounds like the pattern in My So Called Scarf. I tried that in the round and couldn’t get it to work.:think:

It won’t work as written. I saw a variation where R 1 is the same and R 2 is purled (that would be knit in the round) and tried that in the round, but it wasn’t quite the same. However, I found if you used an odd number of stitches and changed the start of the pattern row on alternate rows - k1 on r 1, but sl 1 on R 3 and end with knit 1 - it comes out pretty close.


Hi there,
I have a similar question…my pattern is written for flat knitting. Do I reverse the wrong side to accomodate for this? If the WS of the pattern calls for p1, psso (knitwise), YO, k1, p1 should I actually k1 psso (purlwise) etc? This right side/wrong side thing has me flummoxed.

When the WS row is a pattern rather than a knit or purl row, it’s not so easy to translate it. You have to do the WS row from the end - backwards…

Whoa…can you elaborate on that? Oh, I guess I understand…of course you have to knit it backward to compensate for the different direction of the approach. The pattern says “On RS and WS rows the stiches are shown in the pattern chart the way they are worked.” I’m not exactly sure what the author means by this…I would assume that they are shown the way they are worked. Any insights?

Pattern charts for flat knitting are usually read R to L on RS rows, L to R on WS rows. If the chart is for flat knitting, you’d read R to L on WS rows too.

You would read R to L on WS rows if you were converting it to circular, right? I saw on another post here that someone had done some experimenting with translating a flat pattern to circ and she did purl where the pattern called for a knit…and it worked. I’ll give my pattern a try before I knit the real thing. Thanks!

Yes, in circular knitting, every row of the chart is read right to left, and the stitches are reversed (p to k, k to p).

Ok, I get the reverse the stitch thing but what do you do at the junction point of the back and sides of the sweater which, when written for flat knitting, it would’ve been joined by a seam. My pattern is for a cable knit sweater. The sides of the back and the seam side of the front sides are done in a moss stitch (row 1 k1,p1etc.- row 2 p1,k1, etc -row 3 p1k1… row 4 k1,p1…). Should I just continue the moss pattern and end on the wrong type of stitch or do two same stitches where the back and fronts meet?