Translation needed from German to English

I found a really nice pattern for lace knitting, but it is in German. My German is not bad, but this is a little too technical. Anyone that can help me or show me a link where I can find a similar pattern in English? Even if it is just the lace pattern translation I think I can figure out the rest, I hope Screenshot 2022-04-10 16.37.00 !

Google can help here and there with a word. Knittingfool has a nice table of knitting terms
and Ravelry has a group which will help with translations of parts of patterns.

Would you please delete all but the beginning of the pattern? We can’t post large portions of patterns on the forum due designer copyright. Use the pencil icon in the lower right of your post to edit.

thank you for letting me know this information. I cannot find how to edit my post or delete it. Please have it deleted. Thank you

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Good luck with the translation. It looks like a lovely stitch pattern.
(I took care of the edit.)


appreciated and thank you. Still having some issues with translating some of the technical terms and also what they mean, and hoping someone can assist.