Translation for Knitting the heel of a sock

I am fairly new to knitting, and have begun to attempt (key word!) a sock.
(K1 col A, K1 Col B) 7 times- does that mean that I will be knitting 7 or 14 stitches?
it then says to turn- is the heel of a sock knitted on 2 needles, and seperately, or is it all one?

I am quite confused…

Looks to me like 14 stitches total. 7 stitches in each colour, alternating.

The heel flap of a sock is knit back and forth so when it says ‘turn’, do just that. Turn your work around at the end of each row of 14 stitches. You will begin working in the round again later on once the heel has been totally completed and the gusset stitches have been added.