Translating pattern to simple instructions

Hi, I’m a self taught knitter and I’ve bought a pattern and I really need help simplyfing it. Can anyone help me???

1st inc row (ws): inc kwise in each st - 20 sts. P1 row.

2nd inc row: [inc in next st, k1] to end - 30 sts. RSS 3 rows.

3rd inc row: [inc in next st, k2] to end - 40 sts. RSS 45 rows

1st dec row: [k2, k2tog] to end - 30 sts. RSS 3 rows.

2nd dec row: [k1, k2tog] to ens - 20 sts. P1.

3rd dec row: [k2tog] to end - 10 sts. P1.

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Increase in a stitch can be done by knitting front and back (kfb). For the various increase and decrease rows, repeat the section within the brackets until you reach the end of the row. You should end the increase row with the given number of sts.
This seems to be worked in reverse stockinette stitch, the purl side of stockinette is the RS.

What is the name of the pattern you’re making?