Translating knitting pattern ! ?T.T



It’s not me it’s all YOU, you have done all this work and it is incredible that this is your first project. You are a brave and competent lady, well done you :hugs:
As for the little oops with your hat, you can leave it in and call it a ‘design feature’:wink: or you can tink back, this video shows you how:

We all make errors, even me :rofl:
Yesterday, I had to tink back 24 rows with 350 stitches in each row and all in lace with added beads!!
It had to be done - it got done!!


yes its you! You teached me everything with patience ! without you i couldnt even started it! OMGGG :joy::joy::joy::joy: 24 rows!!! with 350 st each :joy::joy::joy: my god i will be so dead undo it all :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I have every confidence in you, you’re a :star2:


hehehe thank you XDDDD btw are u a gril or a boy ? where did you came from ahahhahah


My name is Linda, I’m female and I live in the UK


hahahahaha i’m from malaysia XDDDD nice to meet you teacher!


Wow! Malaysia isn’t the internet incredible!!


i think so:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


ROW 3 LEFT 3 STITCHES ? should i knit 3 together ? or how ? ><


First try to see if you missed a k2tog somewhere along the row. If not, then k1, k2tog. Count how many stitches you have on your needle, it should be 64.
Purl row next :smiley:


oh wait i was wrong just now . just now i left 1 stitches after doing k6 k2together . what should i do for the last stiches


i ended with k2tog but left 1 stitch


Just knit that last stitch. :grin:




hahhhaahah hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i had done the small hat but i undo all of it to do a bigger one so that i can wear it >< my head are about 55.5cm. so i do the cast on stitches about 130 stitches after that how many shouldi ido for k2 p2 rib? is it about erm 12 row ? then after the 12 row k2 p2 rib. what how should i extend it ><


This is an adult size free pattern from ravelry in a very similar design. This one is knit with circular needles but the amount of stitches needed and all sizing can be used as a guide. You can then knit it with straights using the sizes as a reference. :grinning:


omg ok thankiew hhahahahaahhah


hi again hahaahahahah may i ask u something? My yarn finished in the middle of knitting, how should i continue using new yarn? i mean did i have to do a knot between the finished yarn and the new yarn to continue?


You can just knot it, or you can try a nicer way as in this video :grinning: