Translating knitting pattern ! ?T.T



hahahaa now 5th row of the charted row ! OMG THANKIEWWWWWWWWWWW !!! U REALLY HELPED ME A LOT T.T I;m so appreciate!


but did u see the one says “decreased for top of hat” ? after the charted rows . . What does it means ? because u told me once i knit all the charted rows just continue with main colour by knit 1 row n purl 1 row . is it same as you told me ?


and for this do you have any idea of how to this ?


After completing the charted rows you will continue in stocking stitch(knit 1 row,purl 1 row) until your work measures 9 cms (for the first size only) ending with a WS(purl) row.You need to get this done first.
Next, you will start the crown decreases to shape the hat. It simply means you knit 2 stitches together on the RS every so often when the pattern directs you to curve the top of the hat and you will purl all the stitches on the WS as before.Don’t worry about it yet, this is the easy bit because it means you have almost finished your hat YaY!! :smiley:


This looks like a stocking stitch?? or a single rib?? scarf knit with super chunky wool and very large needles, probably 8mm or bigger. At a guess, I’d say they have cast on approx. 22 - 30 sts. Are you thinking about making something like it for your next project?


hmmm let me continue tmrw hahahahah so sleepy now, and yes for my next project!


9cm from the beginning or 9 cm from the last charted row ?><


9cm from the beginning.
Do you see the instruction in your pattern where it says …until your hat measures 9(10,11)cm from cast on edge - this means measure from where you cast on :smiley:


ya i saw it hahaha just need to confirm again hahahah



hi hhahaahahh i still dun get it what u mean . how should i do for the row 1 (RS)


:grin: for row 1 in first size, ignore the k0(0,2) as this instruction only affects the largest size.
So, you knit 7 stitches, then knit 2 stitches together, k7,k2 tog, k7, k2 tog to the end of the row. You should have 72 stitches on your needle at the end of this row (1st size only)
Row 2 you purl all stitches
Row 3 again, ignore the first K0 (knit nothing) and move on to the next bit which is k6, k2 tog all along the row leaving you with 63 stitches for size 1
Row 4 is a purl row
Row 5 is a K5, K2 tog
Row 6 is a purl row and so on…
This video shows you how to do a k2 tog

Nearly there now, you’re doing very well :blush:


u said 72 stitches for row 1 right? then there’s 2 more stitches left what should i do ><


It’s okay, don’t worry :slight_smile: Just knit those 2 last stitches together and then you will have 73 stitches which, if my maths is correct and if you started the row with 82 sts for the first size, then this is what you should end with - not 72 as your pattern states!!
In explanation:.
For decrease row 1 you use 7 knit stitches + 2 stitches to make a k2tog = 9 stitches overall, multiplied by 9 overall repeats (the 1st one and 8 more repeats) 9 x 9 = 81 so you will have 1 stitch left over (odd that your pattern doesn’t refer to it!)
You started the decrease row with 82sts, you decrease 9 stitches across row 1 which leaves 73 stitches on your needle :slight_smile:
You will continue to decrease 9 stitches every decrease row which means by row 15 you will have 10 sts left not 9. Then you cut your yarn leaving a long tail, use a blunt needle to thread the tail through the 10 remaining stitches and sew up the back seam.
Keep going, you’re nearly finished


so that means the 2 stitches left will be k2together right? then i will just continue to row 2 which are all purl stitch right ?


Yes :slight_smile: knit those last 2 together and row 2 is an all purl row.



hmmm but why after i did the first row and 2nd row the pattern are suddenly different? >< n its not same with the picture ?


wait before row 1 is end with wrong side roght . then for row 1 start with right side which mean we can see the knit stitches during knitting right not the wrong side which is purl side right ?


now i know why im weird because i start the first row with wrong side T.T


Oops!! will you be able to undo or ‘tink’ back to correct it or are you happy to leave it and continue on? Other than this, your hat is looking very good, excellent work. Is this your first knitting project? If so, you have done remarkably well!!


ahhhhh T.T the progress undo it are soooooooooooo frustrating T.T hahahahahah yes it;s my first knitting project! i done it well are because of you!!! Thanks for helping me !!! REally!! <3