Translating knitting pattern ! ?T.T


i not really know what does it means . Can anyone please help me to interprate it more easy to understanf T.T I’m stuck at here T.T PLEase help me all the expert n professional T.T

What is the name of your pattern? Can you give us a link to it?
The directions are telling you where to place the color chart. The number of stitches to knit before and after the chart depends on the size you are making.


Hi there, at this point in your pattern and for the first size only, you now have to incorporate the chart. It’s not very clear in your photos but it looks like you will be adding in another colour yarn to create a pattern. Your next row will be K2 in the same yarn you have been using, then knit row 1 of the chart reading from stitch 1 to stitch 11and adding the contrast colour as instructed, until the last 2 stitches which you knit in the main colour. Your next round will be row 2 of the chart and so on until you have completed the chart, then you continue on in stst. until your hat(?) measures the correct amount for the size you are making.
Hope this helps. Please ask again if you need any further help. Good luck.

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Does the pattern have a name and a designer or book name? I’d like to see a photo of the hat.
Notknittingknots has explained the directions very nicely for you.

K2 in the same yarn? K is for knit stictch what about t
he 2 ?

2 stitches, k2 is an abbreviated way to say knit two stitches.
Can you let us know the name of the pattern you are using please, it is so much easier to help when one can see an image of the item you are knitting or read the whole section that is causing difficulty.
Is your pattern from a book perhaps?

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oh sorry okok


here you go ^^ thank you

Very Pretty!!
You see the white snowflake section, this is what the chart refers to. It seems you will repeat the chart all the way around the circumference of the hat.
So, your next row will be K2, row 1 of chart, K2,K2 row 1 of chart, K2,K2row 1 of chart… and so on all the way across until it ends with a K2.
Continue to follow the rest of the chart and then you carry on in stocking stitch using the main colour as before.
Good luck with your project and please show us a photo when you finish it :grinning:

ETA: probably best if you remove the photo of the written pattern because of copyright issues.

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sorry i still couldnt get it T.T is the k2 same with the stockinette-stitch ?

You knit all the stitches on the front/RS and purl all the stitches on the back/WS, this is stocking stitch.
I’m thinking you may be a fairly new knitter so I’m including a video link which will help you understand the next few charted rows.

and in this next video it shows you how to add the contrast colour in to the row also.

so i can follow the first video u gave me right ?

If you look at the second video first it shows you how to add in the new colour as well as how to read the chart on both sides of your work. The first video shows you how to work both the yarns along the row and how to prevent ‘puckering’ from pulling the yarn too tight as well as how to read the charts. Both videos will help you :grinning:


wait so the way the video teached to knit is the exactly same as my book right hahahh sorry i need to confirm it . its confusing me ><

now i started to follow the chart with knit stitches for 1 row then the next row i ned do the wrong side rows or still follow the chart with knit stiches ?

i mean 1st row =followchart with knit stiches after that followed by wrong side then only again follow chart


1st row followchart with knit stiches after that also followed by the chart with knit stitches

Well done for completing the first row :clap:
For the second row working across the back or wrong side you will purl all the stitches, adding the contrast colour according to the chart and reading the chart from left to right.
You can do this, keep trying :smiley:

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so its like one rowl knit sticth one row purl untill all the pattern had been knitted right?

That is correct :smiley:
When you have completed working all the charted rows you will continue like this,1 row knit 1 row purl, with your main colour(red) until your hat measures 9,(10,11) cms

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