Translating a French Pattern

Hi - new member here!

I’m hoping that between you, you might be able to help me translate a French pattern.
I bought some Marie Claire Idees magazines, one of which has a pattern for a set for a baby (which I’d like to make for my baby, who’s due in May). However, my French is pretty basic and I can only work out some of the instructions. I had a look at the Chez Plum blog which helped with some of the technical terms, but I want to make sure I get it as accurate as possible.

Thanks in advance x

If you would not mind either putting in a link to the pattern or writing it out to me in a message, I would be more than happy to translate it for you.

Thank you so much, your help would be really appreciated!

I’ve sent you a private message, hope that’s okay.

Here’s some links for knitting terms in other languages…

If you still need help, I’m there to help as well.