Translating a cabled hat pattern into the round?

I picked up an old Leisure Arts booklet at a thrift shop a while ago and they have some cute cabled sweaters & hats for kids. But the hats are knit flat, then seamed. Are there issues with translating cable patterns to the round? I can share the pattern if it can be altered.

My experience with cabled [U]sweaters[/U] tells me YES. You could.
Most cabled sweaters are worked like this:
Right sides: the pattern & cable work occurs.
Wrong sides: these rows are “resting rows”…where you simply knit the knits and purl the purls, aka knitting the stitches as they present themselves

So, if you are going to knit your cabled hat ‘in-the-round’…instead of flat…

every other round will be considered “pattern Right Side rows”…and every other round will be the “Wrong Side resting rows”.

If your pattern has any pattern work whatsoever on the wrong sides…then that can be tricky. Do-able, but nightmarish to think about. :pout: