Translate PC to mac code

can anyone here do that?

Can you elaborate?

not sure if you remember
but a while ago i was having a friend write some code to make a kind-of game to help my daughter learn her Multiplication tables
he did it, its an “ugly bit of code” in his words, but it works
I would like to share it with my daughters teacher, but they only use apple/mac based laptops
so I was wondering if someone could “translate” the code to work on either or both systems

make sense?

Sure, that makes sense. Do you know what language it’s written in?

if you PM me your e-mail, I can Fwd you the g-mail he sent with the instructions how to conver the BAT file to an EXE file, I would love a version that could easily work on most computers. This version does not work on some PCs and i doubt on mac at all

rofl! from what I know, and I just got done owning a mac, you can’t do stuff like this. Mac “doesn’t play well with others” this might not have anything to do with what you want but I wouldn’t expect too much based on my previous experiences. I hope you get it worked out!

I just want to share this simple learning tool in its puter friendly (ish) form
they can be done on paper, but kids respond to puters well too

I can’t help you, but I just thought it was kind of funny that as I was reading this post, two Mac commercials came on tv back to back with the “I’m a pc and I’m a mac” guys.

haha. Too funny.