Transitioning from Circulars to DPNs

When you get to the point where you want to decrease a cap and will need the DPNs, do you just slip the stitches onto the DPNs or just knit them onto the DPNs as you go? Thanks.

you could probably knit them on but i always slip them on to dpns for some reason.

if i was changing needles for just about anything else though i would knit them on to the new needles.

don’t ask me what the difference is…lol

I slip mine onto the DPNs as well. Whatever works for you is the way to do it. :wink:

Thanks! Now if I can just get my cap right to even get back to that point . . . Yesterday I got there but ended up dropping stitches off the DPNs and having to start over (well, that and there were mistakes in the color joins). I’m not doing too well at knitting in the round. :frowning: I either (a) forget to untwist the work, (b) lose count of stitches (finally put some markers on which helped some), © don’t yet knit evenly so it looks like crap, (d) join the contrasting color such that it looks wonky, or (e) just generally mess up and am not sure exactly what happened.

On my latest attempt, I thought I was doing fine but noticed that at one point about 12 stitches didn’t have as many rows as the ones before and after them. I apparently dropped something somewhere but couldn’t figure it out. I can fix something when I know what I did, but can only scratch my head and wonder when I can’t figure it out :??

Thanks for letting me vent. I have way more desire than talent at this stuff. I must have gotten passed over for the craft gene, so every bit of progress for me is very hard-won.

:heart: :heart: Hang in there! We’ve all had those “ARGH!” moments!

If you’re missing rows, the reason may be that some stitches have slipped off the edges of the dpns. That happens to me all the time–happened last night, in fact. The trick is (a) to use enough dpns so that you don’t have a lot of stitches on each dpn, and (b) to remember to scrunch up the work on the dpns you aren’t using (that way they don’t slip off when you’re not looking!)

And don’t beat yourself up. Knitting, like any skill, takes practice.

You can do this! :thumbsup:

another good way to keep them from falling off is to use bamboo needles. they are a little… :thinking: …“stickier”…so the stitches don’t fall off as easily.

if you have the needles you could also look at knitting with two circs. it is pretty easy and would be harder for the stitches to fall off! :thumbsup:

Oh yeah… bamboo needles made all the difference in the world for me! I would never use another kind of DPN! Well at least till I’m better at it. :lol:

Unfortunately, I’m already using bamboo needles, both the circ and the DPN. :doh: Thanks for the words of wisdom. I guess time and practice will take of such problems! But right now I’m going to take a break from it and work on something else, will come back to it in a day or two.


Definitely take a break.