Transition from Yo, K2to

Hi, I’m Carol from Calgary and I need your help! I’m knitting a cowl and I can’t figure out how to go from yo, k2to to a band of purl, knit, purl! HELP!!!

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What is the name of your pattern?
You’re going from a yarn over, to k2tog to purl, knit, purl? Make the yarn over then k2tog bring the yarn to the front to purl and continue with the next knit and then purl sts.

Thanks for answering so fast! It’s called Autopilot Cowl by Dominique Trad. I’m finished with the yo, k2to for the body of the pattern but now I have to create the band to finish the project. Do I knit (purl) each stitch of the last lace row? After that I think I’m OK!

You end the pattern with a round 1 (yo, k2tog). Instead of working round 2, the knit round, work a round in purl. Yes, purl each stitch from the last round. You’ll be purling into a repeating knit stitch and then into a yarn over.

Fantastic! Thanks so much - I would have done it incorrectly!

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