Transition from Rib to Main Stitch

Hullo, can someone help please? My question is about rib stitch used for the edges for a top, and where the rib stitch (in smaller needles) meet with the “main” body stitch (in larger needles).

Because the Rib stitch is tighter than the main stitch, and I want the fabric to be flat (instead of elastically pulled in), I want to decrease the number of rib stitches to match the gauge of the main stitch. (Or the other way around, going from main stitch, increasing to match the rib gauge).

On which size needles does the number of stitches change? on the larger needles it pulls the main pattern out of shape. On the small needles I haven’t tried it yet but I think it will make the rib look strange.

You’re going to have to swatch it out, but my suggestion is to use larger needles for the ribbing than called for. Depending on the type of rib, it could pull in a LOT. Decreasing the number of rib stitches won’t change the elasticity of the rib–and if you use MORE stitches for the rib, it might look flappy and strange.

You don’t HAVE to do a rib either. There are lots of options for edgings.

Thanks, HvK, you have confirmed my fears! I’m actually leaning towards using a rib-type stitch for the “main” (moss stitch) so the gauge doesn’t change if I keep the same needle size on both stitches.

Or, for this particular project I have in mind, the edge doesn’t need to be elastic, perhaps I’ll choose another “edge” stitch as you suggest. (Gosh, it takes me longer to choose a pattern than it does to knit the whole thing…!)