Transferring Jaywalker pattern for dpns to 2 circulars

This is a newbie question. I just learned to knit socks(cuff down) on 2 circulars. I want to knit the Jaywalker pattern.
To knit the pattern cuff down on 2 circulars I’m not sure how I would do the heel flap, heel and the gusset. Has anyone else attempted to knit this pattern cuff down on 2 circulars? Does anyone know of a general website that has instuctions/tips for transferring a pattern from dpns to 2 circulars?

Try not to overthink it. If you are working on dpns, when you get to the heel flap it says to “k19 (21) sts on needle #1, turn. Sl1, P37 (41), turn. These 38 (42) sts form the heel flap. The remaining 38 (42) sts form the instep and are unused for the moment. Work heel back and forth, turning after every row.” It is really no different if on 2 circs. You would knit the first 19 (21) sts into the next round and then TURN your work around. Depending which size you are doing you will have either 38 or 42 sts used for the heel flap. Re-distribute the stitches by slipping stitches between the two needles so that you have the correct number on the needle that currently has the working yarn on the first stitch. Your first heel flap row will be a WS row in which you will “Sl1, P37 (41)” and then you will be set to proceed with:
Row 1: *sl1, k1; repeat from *.
Row 2: sl1, p37 (41).
Repeat the last 2 rows 15 (17) more times.

The rest of the stitches can just sit on the other circ, completely unused at this point.

Thank you