Transferring from cir needles to dpns

Hey everyone!
I making a stocking hat on a size 8 US circular needle with a 16-inch cable and am working on the decreasing part of the hat. Everything’s going smoothly except that now the hat is becoming too small for the circular needle. I’ve searched the videos and searched about five pages back on transferring from circular to dpns but can’t find anything. Does anyone have any advice or, better yet, a video as to where this is explained? I’m still a beginner knitter and this is my first project beyond a scarf and I don’t want to ruin it.

Thanks so much!!!

You don’t have to transfer, just start knitting with the dpns. Take the first one and knit about 1/3 the sts on to it, take the 2nd and knit the next third, then a 3rd needle and knit the final set of sts. Then use your empty dpn to knit as usual.

Just start knitting the next row onto dpns, dividing the stitches into either 3 or 4 sections, depending on whether you are using a 4-needle or 5-needle set. (The extra needle is for knitting off the next row.)

ETA: Sorry for repeating your answer, Sue. From the time check it looks as though we were typing simultaneously.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try and update you on whether I succeeded.

I find it helpful to put point protectors on the ends of the circular needles as I’m knitting off them onto the dpns. It keeps the stitches from falling off the circulars. :doh: I just finished my first hat done in the round too! Mine came out rather nice if I do say so myself. :wink:

Hi! So I was successful with transferring the needles but ran into a problem and I don’t quite know what I did. I think it’s a dropped stitch, but when I consulted the video, it doesn’t really look the same. I think I uploaded pictures. Let’s see if I was successful. There’s one at a normal length away, and one that’s closer up (but BRIGHT).

So after cropping a million times, I was able to get them to come through. I’m sorry if your eyes bug out. :teehee:

That’s not a dropped st. What happens when you let the one on the left needle fall off it? You still have the st on your right needle that you just made. It looks normal to me, just continue knitting.

Thanks so much Suzeeq and everyone else who contributed a word of advice! If it weren’t for y’alls help, I’d have gotten too frustrated and had given up. However, I’ll hopefully be posting this hat on the Photowall in the near future!