Transferring between small and jumbo needles, pls help?

Any tips for transferring between a 3 1/4mm needle and a 9mm needle inc having to K2tog first row, then continue using alternate 4mm and 9mm needles?

I have tried all sorts, but simply cannot get the knitting over to the jumbo needle first time with the k2tog and then have no confidence I can continue with the mesh garter stitch with such different needle sizes.

I tried to take a photo and upload it but the iPad takes an image too big for uploading on this thread, if you want to see it is the raglan sleeves for the Twilleys of Stamford Echo cotton, pattern 9163.

Many thanks for reading and any help appreciated.

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No the smaller stitches won’t go onto the larger needle. So just knit the stitches with the larger one. Drop the R needle of the 3.25mm and knit with the 9mm instead.

That’s a huge difference in needle sizes. Can you work the dec with a smaller needle then put the new stitch onto the larger? It would be a pain but that’s all I can think to try. I think you mean that you’re trying to work the stitches on the 3 1/4 mm needle with the 9 mm, not moving all the stitches to the larger needle.

I’m unclear on what you mean by “transferring between a 3 1/4mm needle and a 9mm needle inc having to K2tog first row”. It looks like there is an increase (inc) but I’m not sure that’s what you mean. “Transferring” seems to mean you’re moving the stitches to the other needle.

I think the idea is to change to larger needles and you’d have to dec the stitches because the same number of sts on 9mm would be too wide. You can get the tip of the needle into the smaller stitches to k2tog as you work the row.

I think that once you can get even the tip of the larger needle into the sts on the smaller needle you’ll be fine to k2tog and knit the sts onto the larger needle. But do you continue alternating the larger and smaller needles in the pattern?