Transfering stitches to start knitting the heel

I’m going to put 26 stitches onto 1 needle (in order to start knitting the heel), but I simply don’t know where to start transfering.

I’m stuck here:



I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter. I usually just start with needle #1 and them transfer some from #2 to make up the number of stitches I will need for the heel. After you start the heel, then it matters where certain stitches are and what needle you have them on. Right now you have a tube and you can pretty much put the heel anywhere.

But, am I supposed to transfer that last stitch to the 1st needle?

It sounds obvious, but, I’m not sure.


Ok some land marks…

26 stitches on one needle (needle 1)

I am guessing you have a total of 52 stitches for your sock…
(the stitches are on a set of 4 DPN’s? or a set of 5?)

well, no matter really!

half the stitches are about to be come a HEEL (and later, these same 26 stitches (the number will shrink at heel turning and swell at gusset before settling back to 26 !) will become the sole (bottom) of the sock
(and the other 26 will become the top/instep of sock)
As a general rule [/I](for no particular reason except convention!) sock have an “invisible” center back seam–that
"seam" is the Beginning of the round is centered in back (bottom) of sock…

(this changes with socks knit on 2 circ’s–but it holds true for socks knit on DPN’s.)

[B]SO, what you are doing to do is:
you are repositioning stitches so that 1/2 (back/bottom) are on 1 needle and the remaining stitches are on 2 needles.

to do this, you might have to slip some stitches (reposition them) on to a different needle so that you end up with 26 on one needle[/B] – so that:
[B]Needle 1[/B] has half the stitches (26) [B]and the beginning of the round is centered on needle 1-- the BOR is after stitch 13)[/B]

the other stitches for the sock are on 2 other needles.
(but we’ll just ignore them for now!)

[I][B]Once you have 26 stitches on one needle (needle 1) and the other stitches on needle 2 and 3, you’ll take needle 4 and use it, (and needle 1!) to make the flap.[/B][/I]

the flap is knit flat (ie, back and forth) on 2 needles

almost certainly you’ll knit (and purl) 26 rows… (and each row will start with a slipped stitch!)

(you can count those slip stitch chains to figure out your row count… when you have 13 chains on each edge, you’ll have knit 26 rows!)

so take a deep breath–makeing and turning the heel (which is what you are about to do) is a magical process… strange, and then suddenly… you’ll see the turn… and then pick up stitches for the gusset and you’ll marvel at what you’ve done!

Thanks “hartleystudio”, thanks “of troy”…

Well, I did it. I’m going to start knitting the heel…

Thanks, again.


Turning the heel is indeed “magical!” I will never forget my first sock, I thought “what the heck???” and then just did what the pattern told me to do! It totally didn’t make sense and I didn’t understand either and then I had a heel!!!

Good luck, we will be looking for pictures of your finished sock!!

Good luck!