Transfer to circular? Help!

I’m working on a triangle shawl. As you can see from the picture, I still have a long way to go and hardly any space on the needle. The pattern never said anything about using a circular needle but then I realized (now and not while I was reading the pattern) the top of the shawl would measure to 92". My question is: should I transfer my knitting to a circular needle before I continue? And if I do have to, what length of cable should I use?

Thanks a bunch!

i would. a 32" or 40" would probably be best but they can be hard to come by in Hobby Lobby type stores. might have to go to an LYS or the internet. I think the longest my hobby lobby carries is 29 inches which can work but a little longer would probably be more comfortable!

I would go for the longest you can find, and I agree that it’s unlikely that you’ll find one easily. You could use one that’s a medium length for a while, and order a really long one. By the time you need it, it should have come.

I would put it on as long a circular that you have in that size needle (if you have one). Just knit it onto the circular from the straight on the next row. Otherwise you will never fit all your stitches on that needle. I’m making my first shawl and right now its not very big and I have it on a 24" but I will switch to another circular in a longer length if I have to (which I’m almost sure I will!).