Tranquility Stitch HELP

I found the stitch pattern in Barbara Walker’s Charted Knitting Designs.

I’ve tried it but I can’t understand the instructions for the second row:

“Insert right-hand needle from right to left behind the strand lying diagonally across the base of first stitch on left-hand needle, pick up this strand, place it on left-hand needle and purl it, then purl the first st. itself.”

Is this similar to purling the stitch below (instead of knitting)? I’ve tried to knit this but I don’t think I’m getting it right…

I’m a newbie to lace knitting, in fact I only do drop-stitch mostly for the lacy effect. But the way this stitch looks intrigues me so much.

I would say it’s more similar to the M1 purl increases. Take a look at the video for it in the increase section.

:cheering: thanks, will take a peek now at video, hope this is it.