Tranfering stiches?

Im trying to knit my first project, a playshirt for my daughter. I have been practicing knitting for about a month know, basic swatches to get stiches down, however everytime I go to transfer my stiches from one needle to the other, from the base row, I end up with yarn in between them. Is this normal? No one in my family knits, and all the knitting videos online seemingly miss this step. This has been bothering me for a while as after i get to the last stich, the slip stich, I have to either add more stiches in, or i have to redo the slip stich. I would really appreciate an answer on this, thank you!

It might be because you’re doing a looped cast on. Take a look at some of the other cast ons under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page. Long tail cast on is fun to do and gives a neat edge. You might also try a knitted cast on. These won’t have the problem of a long, and growing, strand between sts.

The ‘base row’ is really called the cast on, it’s not counted as a row. And it sounds like you’re doing the backward loop cast on which is easy to do, but can be difficult to knit into for more than a few sts and really isn’t the best to use to start a large project with. Try another one, the knit or cable COs are good and fairly easy and long tail isn’t too difficult.