Tranfer design on knit item

I want to embroider a rather elaborate letter on a knit block but I can’t figure out how to transfer the letter pattern onto the knit so I can follow it. I have tried tailors chalk, embroidering over the pattern pinned to the knit etc., but both proved unsatisfactory. Suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Hi and welcome!
I wonder if you could use sewing thread to give yourself a kind of grid on the knit block. Is the letter pattern itself on a grid or could you superimpose a grid on it too?

Figure out how many stitches you have to work with, first of all. You know how to do duplicate stitch, right? Let that be the base for what you do, because it’s much easier to count and fill in any really tiny details afterward.

After that, if you have plastic canvas or can print a sheet of graph paper (on the thinnest paper you have so the letter will show through) lay the grid over the letter. If it isn’t what you want, try a bigger or smaller grid. When it looks right to you, color in the appropriate squares and use it as your chart.

Mark the bottom right stitch with a piece of thread, and work up from there. If you have a quilters’ disappearing marker, the kind that makes a purple mark that lasts about half an hour, that can help you.

You can use half of a stitch, add multiple colors, make repeated passes so the embroidery really stands out, etc., but treating the base as duplicate stitch makes it almost easy. (Well, it IS easy after you do it a couple of times.)