Tragic News

I’m just so sad about this. Last night, our local Christians In Action building burned. This building offers shelter to 26 homeless people, some of them veterans. Five of them didn’t make it out in time. I didn’t know any of these people, but I’m just so upset about this. Dh and I have donated clothes and books to this place on many occasions, and until now, I didn’t know it was a shelter for people. I thought they used the building to store donations to the poor. But there were real people in there when it burned. I’m just so horrified. Now they have to find other shelter for them. If your a praying person, or even if your not, please remember us.

I know how you feel! When we came home on Friday after being away a few hours, we discovered there was a fire in our building and the gas almost blew up. I’m terrified just to think what could’ve happened. l pray for these people souls.

So sorry to hear and they are in my thoughts. Hoping for the best Crossed Fingers

I’m so sorry to hear about this.

I’m sorry to hear about this! I hope those people find some other shelter soon.

I just found out that, the Red Cross is assisting, and they are taking shelter at the local United Methodist Church for a few days.

I’m not familiar with this one. Where is it located and who runs it?

Here is the story from our local radio station-

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