Trading places when joining first round on dpns

I have made 1 and started the second baby sock, and I used the “trading places” joining method, since just doing the first stitch tight made a little dip in the top. You swap the first stitches between the two end needles.

My problem is that then the working yarn is between two stitches, and the first stitch is sort of weird. Am I doing this wrong? Are there other ways of joining the 1st round?


The working wool being between is part of the security of the join! Pull it tight and then knit… if it is really annoying you, you might prefer the way it looks if you turn it around and knit the other way… on the caston row, if you switch this way, you could theoretically start knitting in either direction.

(If this is not an option because you prefer one side of the caston row to the other side, try changing how you switch: instead of passing the first over the last, pass the last over the first, or the other way around).

It’s possible that you are turning your caston around so that you cast on stitches 1-30 on that order, but you have gone back so your first row starts with stitch 30, then 29… turning around and going back. Try it the other way from whichever you were using before.

I would move the yarn to the back before making the join, if I needed to knit the stitch after it.