[TRADED]Rowan 4-ply Cotton : 8 balls

[size=1]I bought this yarn to make Lucky from SnB. Color is Ripple. DK weight.
I guess I just don’t like working with cotton.

I bought it off Ebay at $4.00 a ball.

6 of the balls are untouched. 2 have been swatched out, frogged and wrapped around the ball.

(I’ll have pics on Monday if anyone wants them. Until then Here’s an example of the color.

I love the color. I’m so bummed I didn’t like working with it. :verysad:

I’ll either take $25.00+actual shipping only, or a trade of some sort.
Not really looking for anything in particular, so feel free to offer. :slight_smile:

Thanks. :thumbsup:[/size]


By any chance would you be interested in trading for some needlepoint supplies? I have a humming bird and floral canvas(app. 18 x 18), it this they type of canvas that has the central design already stitched. The colors are fairly neutral, I would be more than happy to post a photo of it if you think you might be interested. I’d also include the yarn I bought for finishing it, if you like the color.

Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got a few of those needled point kits that I still need to work on. …But I never really do. :blush:
So, no thank you.

Maybe I’ll have something for you next time. :smiley: