Trade: (Have) Book: Business of Bliss

I have a copy of The Business of Bliss - How to Profit From Doing What You Love, by the editors of Victoria Magazine (Janet Allon). It’s full of stories and information on women who started successful business doing what they love.

It’s a great book and in perfect condition with dustjacket also.

Am interested in knitting books, especially Stephanie Pear-McPhee’s Knitting Rules. I just read Yarn Harlot and I hear Knitting Rules is great also.

If you have yarn also will consider a trade.

[B]Hey there!

I’m waiting tio find that book also. I’m reading Yarn Harlot now. It is SO FUNNY! Right now I’m reading about her stash and how she has a lot of yarn, but yet, notihng to knit and why she won’t use the yarn she has. LOL I undertsand it, why doesn’t her husband? :wink:


:teehee: Yup! I’m totally starting to relate!..AND find some inventive hiding spaces myself…such as re-stuffing the dog bed with it (within a plastic bag, of course, to protect it).

BTW, I have the book Business of Bliss, I’m getting rid of it if you have anything you need to de-stash. :wink: