TRADE COMPLETED: KnitPicks Options "Clear Plastic" case for "Binder" style case

I got the wooden version of the Knitpicks Options interchangeable needles. I love the needles, but I’m not a huge fan of the clear plastic pouch-style case they came with. I’m more favorably inclined toward the black binder that the metal needles come with. (Or came with? I just looked and they seem to be using the plastic case for both sets now.)

However from reading postings on the subject, it seems that some people who got the metal Options with the black binder really like the plastic case better.

So why not trade? I’ll trade the plastic case I got, for the black binder with the intro set of needle holders. If you’re interested, please send me a private message.

P.S. I think this is clear, but to avoid any possible confusion… I am proposing a trade of the cases only, not any of the needles or cables.

PM’d you!

This is a great idea! Have you guys made your trade yet? I’m wondering, Silver, how you like your case (if you’ve even received it yet).

I have the black binder, and I don’t really like it. If anyone else is interested in a trade like this, I’m interested!

I’m interested in swapping with you Ronda. I have the clear case that I’m not keen on at all. Let me know if you are still interested in swapping.

I got your PM and responded. :slight_smile:

this [I]is[/I] a fanastic idea. i also have a black binder if anyone feels like a trade.

I PM’d you Foxyie

We did complete our trade and I’m much happier with the plastic case. To me, it’s sleeker and less bulky than the binder, although not quite as cool looking. I have two sets of options and actually bought an extra clear binder for another $20 for my first set. I didn’t want to do that again for the second set, so I was thrilled when Kyle (SteveDallas) wanted to trade. I still have one binder though in the event I ever want to switch them out.

It turns out that we BOTH asked when ordering from KnitPicks if we could get the other case and were both turned down. LOL Serendipitous, I’d say. :wink: I really think KP should make it an [I]Option[/I] to buy the case you want with either set. I don’t understand why they don’t. :shrug:

I have a binder that I am willing to trade if anyone is interested…

No. Calif

[COLOR=magenta]I have the clear plastic case and I like the black binder the best. I am willing to trade if anyone wants too.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Just PM Me…=)[/COLOR]

hi kyle (md21) i pm’ed you back

I ordered my Options set that comes with the clear case last week, and I just checked and they were shipped today and estimated to arrive the 24. I was waiting for the binder to come back into stock, but figured I’d see if anyone was willing to swap here.

So if anyone would like to swap a binder for my case, and is willing to wait a week for my needles to get here, let me know! (OT, but gosh that extra few bucks for quick shipping would’ve been so worth it!)

Mine is traded! me and lady m swapped. i love my new case!

[COLOR=magenta]I traded with Foxey over the weekend and recieved my package today. The trade went wonderful and I am totaly pleased with our transaction. I look forward to being able to exchange things in the future. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]You know an exchange thread is a great Idea[/COLOR]

I still have a binder if anyone wants to trade for the other case. Let me know…


I have the clear plastic case if anyone is interested in swapping for the black binder. It’s never been used.

I have the black binder. . . willing to trade for the clear plastic case. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Arrosa, I PM’d you awhile back. I thought I posted that I did so on here, but I obviously didn’t :P. Anyway, I have a plastic case (it finally came! Love the needles!) if you are still interested in trading.

Hi Lucy!

I PM’d you a second ago. I would like to trade my clear case for your black binder! Hope I gotcha in time!!!


Hi jjminarcik!

I would like to trade my clear case for your black binder! I asked Lucy (arrosa) first…then I noticed that md21 had asked her before I did! So, md21 will probably get that trade. (sorry md21…I hadn’t noticed that you spoke for Lucy’s binder before me!)