Tracking (knitpicks)

Is the tracking on knitpicks pretty acurate? My needles are suppose to be here today but the tracking shows they are sitting an hour and a half away. I’m not going to get them am I??
Crossed Fingers


I dunno. Mine last order was showing as being in the regional sort center for days. I got them the day after it left the center at 6am, which makes sense - it’s 300 miles away and no way could it have got to my local PO by 8 am.

I wondered about this too, then I noticed a note at the top of the tracking that said Est Date in Home. Mine actually said Jan 21, but USPS didn’t have mail service that day. (Doh!!)

And I don’t think the date/times are terribly accurate. For mine - it shows the same date/time for my package at two separate locations. It must have duplicated itself and is in two places at once! (Maybe I’ll be getting twice as much yarn!)

My order never did show up. It was scheduled for delivery on the 12th and was listed as enroute. I called Knitpicks on the 18th exactly 2 weeks after shipping date and they checked and said they were lost. They resent yesterday so hopefully by Feb I’ll have them unless the post office loses the package again.

Hopefully I’ll get it today…in the mean time I guess I’ll have to go to the lys…My mail doesn’t get here until 4 or 5.

I GOT THEM!!! ok ok bye I’m going to knit!