Tracey Ullman's Doctor's Bag

Has anyone made this bag??? I am using the recommended yarn but I swear it just doesn’t look right. It there a trick to the herringbone pattern maybe that I’m missing? I know how to cast on at the beginning of a row as it states and the pattern really doesn’t seem difficult but when I start into the 2nd set of the herringbone pattern it doesn’t look like a pattern at all just a jumbled bunch of stitches. I’ve started it twice thinking I’d made a mistake but I’m about to give up and make another bag. I know this isn’t much to go on but just wondered if anyone else had a problem with the pattern. Thanks for any advice!


I’m not familiar with the Herringbone stitch, but just make sure to cover all your bases: make sure to check for any pattern corrections on the pattern manufacterer’s website, there are silly typos in patterns all the time that can throw everything off.

Otherwise try posting a picture of your work and maybe someone here can spot the mistake if they are familiar with the herringbone stitch.

Ok so I just googled a herringbone pattern. And this is just a thought: How are you slipping your stitches? Unless your pattern says something specific this is the rule of thumb:

Slip stitches knitwise if those stitches are involved with a decrease.

Slip PURL wise if you are just slipping.

Anyway, that’s something that could cause a problem. Just a thought. :slight_smile:
I looked the pattern up at I just glanced thru some of the comments by the 160+ people whove made it - noone mentioned any particular errors in the book.

If you’re not a member at ravelry yet, it mmight be a good idea to join (it’s free) so you can look thru the projects and comments.

Thanks soooooo much for the advice!! After spending a good amount of time looking and reading on the folks who have made this bag on Ravelry I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not slipping my stitches the right way. DUH! Never even occured to me and believe it or not I’ve been a knitter for what seems like most of my life. I’m going to give it another try. This may seem strange but I REALLY want to finish this bag. My mom passed away recently and this was in her “stash”. My sister and I split up all of her projects and are working on finishing them. Thanks again everyone! :knitting: