TP cozy (short-row help, please!)

so, during my first month of knitting, i decided i really wanted to knit this TP cozy and mat which i saw on an episode of ‘knitty gritty’:,2025,DIY_14141_4969650,00.html
i wanted to use sugar and cream cotton instead of blue sky alpaca, simply because i didn’t want to spend that much on a TP cozy.

i cannot, for the life of me, get this cozy to fit. the first time i knit it, it was tiny enough to be a cozy for the empty TP tube, and that was without altering the number of stitches, needle size, etc. i have knit and re-knit the top of the cozy a half-dozen times, and i just can’t get it right. so, i have been thinking long and hard about it, and i am wondering if this would work…(i have never really done a project with short-rows, so i need help from the experts, here)

if i use a ruler to measure the radius of the toilet paper roll, then calculate the number of stitches i need to obtain that measurement (say, for instance, that number is 10), then, can i K9, wrap and turn, knit back across, K8, wrap and turn, etc, until i have wrapped every one then knit back across, and make the circle that i need for the top of the cozy?

i apologize in advance if this question is convoluted and confusing - i am still learning, but i hope that someone “gets” what i am trying to ask!

I’m not really sure if it would work–I haven’t used short rows for that. . . But–when you did the original pattern, did you knit the wraps together with the stitch it was wrapped around or did you put it on the needle and knit it separately for an increase?

i did knit the wraps together along with the stitch, like the pattern said. it came out shaped properly, just way too small. i figure i could correct the size by just casting on more stitches, but i don’t know how to adjust the pattern accordingly so that it will ultimately form a circle.

I misread the directions. I took it to mean to knit them separately to make an increase. I just had to do that for the first time, so I was thinking in that direction. I should have looked more closely at the directions.:shifty:

hey, ingrid, you live pretty close to me. where do you do your yarn shopping?

I do mine on line 99.9% of the time. I did go up to Morehouse Farms last summer and made a sweater from their yarn. It’s a nice shop, but it’s all their stuff, though beautiful. They do have a nice selection of books, and a skylight so you can get a good idea on the colors.

I usually get a gift certificate to Yarn Central in Hopewell Junction at Christmas time and spend it at their Superbowl Sunday sale, since their prices aren’t as good as the sales I find on the computer.

Other than that–there really isn’t much right around me.

Ingrid, you should try the yarn shop in Cornwall across the river it is much nicer than Yarn Central. They even have a yarn cruise this fall. I went last year it was great.