Toy's on Circs?


I have a stash of teeny tiny ends of skeins, and I’d like to make some toys for my gazzilions of neices and nephews. I’d like to do it on DPN’s or Circular’s (for the experience), but all the patterns I find are done on straights and seamed up the back.

I’d like to do a few smaller items, rather than one big one, with a range of techniques so that I can tackle a bigger project after the January Sales :woot:.

Any idea’s on patterns?


Here is a real cute pattern for Rainbow Babies by Jean Greenhowe. The pattern is free to download in pdf format. They are not knitted in the round, but the seams should not be that bad as they are smaller dolls.

Here is a teddy bear in the round.

Clothing for teddy bear knitted in the round.

Another teddy bear in the round.

Flopsy Bear in the round.

You can knit them in the round, even if it call for flat and them seaming.

Just do the wrong side rows “backwards” from the patten! :slight_smile:

Read the line right to left, instead of left to right… and if it says purl then knit the stitch instead… or vise versa!

I have a pattern for a teddybear that is knit flat in stockingette and then seamed up… I would much rather knit it all on circs in the round, so I am!