Touch of whimsy hat

I just finished this hat for my best friend. I got the pattern from my Knitting 2008 Calendar. I used Cascade 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, the color is Coral. This is the first hat I have ever knitted. The only problem i had was with the double pointed needles. I can’t seem to keep the tension between the last stitch and the first stitch on the needles. Any suggestions about that? Otherwise I LOVED making this hat.

Nice hat.

Very nice job! Two things about knitting with dble points: practice!! and (trying to figure how to word this) as you make your rounds, move the stitches around on the needles every few rows to avoid the “ladder” look that often happens between needles.

Great work!

Oh I love this hat! I love Touch of Whimsy! I made the scarf a year ago. Love it! Always meant to do the hat, too!

Your hat is INSPIRING!

Very pretty – I like the color!

Beautiful!!! Love the color too! I don’t use DPNs so no help there.

Very nicely done! Beautiful color and your work looks great!

Tension is just a matter of practice…get to knittin! :teehee:

Very pretty hat! The color is so bright!!

Very nice hat!

Very nice! Love the colour and the cables are gorgeous!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I wanted to let you all know that I am now also on Ralvery as homeschoolmomvt. I also have a facebook page Greta Olney Coombs.

Very Nice!