Touch of alpaca wool


Help, Help. The wool I have says I need 4.5mm needles. I can’t find a vest pattern to use this wool. It’s Lion Brand but they were unable to help. I am a beginner sort of. I can do basic cable etc.


The police will not catch you if you use another size of needles :grinning:. I am often using smaller needles than what it says on the yarn ball. Just knit a little swatch piece to check that you are not too far away from what the pattern calls for and maybe do some minor adjustments, like dropping a couple of stitches.


Are you on Ravelry? You can enter the yarn name then click on projects using that yarn (on the right). You can further refine the search by typing in vest in the search box at the top of the project page.

You can also do an advanced search on Ravelry for a vest in worsted weight yarn.

Engblom’s suggestion of a swatch is a good idea, too.