Touble with understanding pattern

I am trying to knit Toeless Pedicure sock from the Lion Brand book "Just Socks"
To start with Cuff
It says to cast on 42 stitches etc. then
Work 2 of knit 1 purl 1 rib, working in the round. Then work 4 inches of lace pattern etc.
What does the "Work 2 " mean - two inches or 2 rows. If you look at
the picture it doesn’t match especially if you knit 4 inches of lace pattern before heel flap. Hope someone can help. First time I am trying to knit socks.

Is the pattern or a picture of it available online? Seeing something would help.


I did some more looking and found what I think are your socks on ravelry.

If the link above is your pattern, 2 rounds won’t make the ribbing shown in the picture, but 2" might. 4" of lace pattern + 2" of ribbing = 6". I just held a 6" rule to my foot and it looks like that would work out OK for me, I don’t think it would for my friend with tiny feet; if it is too long for you you could shorten the ribbing or maybe eliminate a lace repeat.

Probably 2", that would make a good ‘cuff’ and would look like the picture.

I realized the error of my ways. OP said “To start with Cuff” and I looked at the picture and cuff turned into foot. Duh. Sorry 'bout that.

Well, the ‘cuff’ for this one could be either at the toes or the leg…