Totally stumped!

I was looking at this pattern, and one of the techniques says that you have to “(k1, yo, k1): in the same stitch”. :noway:

How in the world do you do a yarn over into the same stitch???

That is an odd stitch, but it can be done, and it isn’t that tough - I figured it would be hard to get the stitches off the needle…but here is what you can do…

Knit the stitch and don’t pull the loop onto the right needle…pass the yarn from back to front under the right needle tip…then bring your right needle tip to the front of the work and put it under the loop on the left needle and knit it again and move it into the right needle…and magically you’ve increased by 2 stitches!

Thanks for your help! Okay, I understand up to the point where I’m supposed to make that last k1. Do I knit that last k1 into the yo I just made? Or do I continue to knit it into the first k1 that I made? That’s where I’m confused.

The YO will be on the right needle and the last K that you want to do will be in the loop that is hanging out on the left needle…the working yarn that you use to do that last K stitch will finish the YO but you’ll be inserting your needle tip into the loop on the left needle after you’ve done the YO.

I hope this is helping! :hug:

:cheering: Yay!!! Thanks Sara Jayne–I just tried this, and thanks to your AWESOME directions, I was able to do it!!! Thank you!!! :muah:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m so glad it worked!!! I can’t wait to see it when it is ALL done!!! :muah: