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No, I don’t really either and I suppose that sounds harsh. I think they are making too big a deal of it on the news.

I think it’s pretty ironic that she died only a few days after TRIMSPA was being sued for false advertising…

I remember her from her ads with Guess! jeans (when they were “all the rage”) and really admiring her; I don’t remember how old I was at the time (maybe in my younger teens)–and I was thinking, “Wow, she’s really lucky–she’s pretty and she’s probably seeing the world as a model, and everybody thinks she’s so beautiful”. Only after reading about her death did I discover her age–she’s just a few years older than me, and now that I think about it, it’s kind of scary to think that she was not much more than a child herself posing in such a seductive way at that age, and she must’ve been so exploited. Most of the celebs I think are very exploited and never really lead a “normal” life, and I believe that’s tragic. I don’t follow much in the celebrity news and I don’t care much about them on a personal level, but on a human level, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. When she first did those Guess! ads, everybody compared her to Marilyn Monroe, and here, she dies only a few years older than Marilyn herself did, also under a cloud of a suspicious death. I’m not a huge fan of Britney Spears or Nicole Richie either, but I really and truly feel bad the way the media follows them around and snaps pictures of their every moves. If somebody followed me around with a camera, they could fill up a tabloid with my errors, too! These are just regular people, in a very difficult world…they have to constantly be “on display” for everybody; they’re never supposed to have problems, be angry or sad, never gain weight or go out without makeup and the best clothes. The young celebs get it the worst because many of them make choices based upon lack of experience (like many others out there that aren’t celebs), and the media just rushes right in to expose it. It’s no wonder celebs drink, take drugs, get depressed, go into rehab, die tragic young deaths, and/or beat up paparazzi. They are a very vulnerable class of people that seem to be willing to do whatever it takes to be loved, even if it costs them their lives, or they go under numerous plastic surgeries, or they diet until they are skin and bones. Most of them have made the same mistakes everyone else has (albeit maybe on a much grander scale), so we should be able to identify with their sadness and pain and life circumstances.

Whatever they find out about the cause of Anna Nicole Smith’s death–whether it was drug-induced or what–I’m willing to bet the real reason she died was from a broken heart. I don’t know of any mother that could lose a son and not be affected. She had her son very young and they kind of grew up together I think. It had to be more than she could bear to lose him. I hope that whatever happes with her daughter is for the best for that little girl, and that she can grow up in a healthy, normal environment, and that people aren’t fighting over her. I feel badly that she will never know the real person her mother was, no matter who she was, because now all she’s left with is a bunch of pictures of a woman and probably nothing but negative, nasty comments. She can’t even ask her older brother when she’s old enough to understand because he’s gone, too. What a lonely life this little girl has to grow up in. :verysad:

The whole thing is just sad.

That she lived the life she lived, without concern for others. That she so desperately wanted to be loved that she was willing to be a fool for it. That her children have had to pay for her immaturity. That she had to live through the death of her own child (I don’t think any parent should have to survive that). That her daughter doesn’t get to know her mommy, and won’t even know if her own daddy loves her, as there is now so much money wrapped up in her little life.

The whole thing is just sad.


well i wouldn’t think she would take her own life right after having a baby… but then again there was probably more going on with her than we know. its all to fishy to me. i think Howard K Stern had something to do with it, 1. her baby wasn’t there. 2. she was supposed to be spending time with him and he wasn’t there when she passed out…
i know they will get a blood test now! i don’t see why she would do it in the first place. i wold have given him one just to shut him up. i wonder if Howard will be so willing to fight for this baby now! :shrug:

He apparently is ready to fight for the baby. He filed for a DNA sample to be taken before Anna Nicole’s body is given up to her family, but I don’t see how that matters as they should be testing him and the baby, not her. But either way, he’ll get half of the money, since he’s her husband, and whoever gets the baby will get the other half in trust.

At least that’s what I think will happen.


He filed for a DNA sample to be taken before Anna Nicole’s body is given up to her family, but I don’t see how that matters as they should be testing him and the baby, not her.

Actually, they need the mother’s DNA to exclude that from the testing. I learned that last summer when I show I watch was doing DNA testing without the mother’s knowledge. Someone looked it up and realized that it was impossible.

I thought they said Anna’s death was drug related. Maybe they were just suspicious or something, but they said something about all the meds she was taking interacting or something.


I don’t think Anna and Howard K were legally married. but I do think Howard K is Dannielynn’s legal guardian (at least until blood tests prove otherwise).

so did Anna receive money from the Marshall guy’s estate or not? his son (the one fighting Anna) died in September, but the family vowed to keep fighting her.

I just hope whoever raises Dannielynn is a decent person who tries to do it right. poor little baby girl.

Actually I believe it was the other guy that filed for an emergency DNA test.

As far as Mr. Stern getting half of her money, quite a few things are dependant on that. 1) Did she have a will, did she put the money in trust for her daughter, who is the executor of her will, who has control of the trust, did she set up guardianship for her daughter. 2) Are they really married. 3) Under what jurisdiction are they operating under? The country they were “married in”, the state she filed her will (assuming she had one), the state/country the baby is in, the state she died in, etc.

At least in California, which is a community property state, whether or not he gets half of the money depends on prenups, what she brought into the marriage, what he brought and how long they were married. Community property is what happened in the marrige, and I believe, (again in California) he’s not entitled to half unless they’d been married 10 years.

There are quite a few legal issues that will have to be sorted out. Her estate is now in control of her lawsuit against her dead husband’s family. So will that continue, whoever is eventually found to be the baby’s guardian will have control of that lawsuit, etc, etc, etc.

when did they get married??? :shrug:

shortly after her son died. the real question of that is whether it was actually legal. many are calling him her husband but from the little i have read it was actually a “commitment” ceremony and not really a wedding. I think i heard something last night when i was trying not to pay attention to this that they were planning on really getting married sometime this month (the 23rd is sticking out in my head.)

I just saw an article on yahoo saying that Zsa Zsa’s husband is now saying the baby is his.

The court has ordered her body preserved untill the DNA test litigation is done.

I’m watching the press conference right now (mainly b/c they interrupted the show I had on as white noise so I have no choice…) and it looks like they’ve ruled out illegal drugs as cause of death…the ME also said there were no “in-tact” diet pills in her stomach indicating that she had not just taken diet pills…

The ME seems irritated w/ all of the questions…I don’t think he’s used to this type of thing…

I figured she either ODed, or she was sick. I heard that she had pnemonia a few nights before and was admitted to a hospital. And not too long ago she was trying to get over pill addiction too, so you never know. That’s how her son died too.

I certainly hope the littler girl gets to be with her daddy.

I think he is behind it… as soon as I heard the story yesterday I thought it… I think he is behind Daniel’s death too… and I think he will fight for the child cause he wants the money… mom and me were talking today about how she always wanted to be like Monroe… she even favored her in some of the photos… and now just like Monroe we might not ever really know what happened… I feel bad for the little girl and hope she can find peace in this world…

Acutally, she and Howard never were legally married. They had a commitment ceromony, and were to be married legally next month.

I think her whole story is sad, and I felt horrible when I found out she had died. I am with the rest of you that feel she was exploited, and was a product of that exploitation. The first thing that came to my mind was the thought of Marilyn Monro, another tragic, exploited woman.

I wonder how some of you can be so harsh regarding her death. The poor woman is dead, no matter how it came about.