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Anna Nicole Smith was found dead in her FL hotel room?!

Well, I guess that guy won’t have to continue the custody fight for the little girl now. Probably those dang diet pills she takes. That poor little baby though she did have a kooky mother.

Yes, as crazy as she was it is very sad fir that little baby. I hope now they will find out who her father is, because that is who she belongs with. The whole thing is bizarre.

yep, the whole thing is indeed bizarre.

I was thinking the same thing…don’t those pills cause heart problems in some people?

One of my co-workers just called to tell me that…crazy, huh?? I was thinking it was all those diet pills too, they can’t be good for you if they actually worked for her and made her lose all that weight (although I think she lost it all from being on drugs). Weird, as I write this, I just heard an announcement about it, I think people are pretty surprised.

I was thinking the same thing…don’t those pills cause heart problems in some people?[/quote]

I was thinking it, too: “So does this mean that Trimspa is about to file for bankruptcy??!?” was my exact thought.

hm, i didn’t even think about it being related to the diet pills. my first thought was that she was murdered – isn’t that awful?! :pout: but, with all the angst surrounding her many court cases… is it too far-fetched?

i hope she’s at peace now. and godspeed to her baby girl.

She also couldn’t have been in the best shape to begin with; she was totally devastated by the death of her son. :pout:

I jsut assumed she OD’d

That’s what I thought too. I feel awful for thinking it, but it doesn’t seem very unlikely.

OK, I didnt want to say it, but I thought she OD’d too. Accidently or otherwise. Girl had a lot of lawsuits being thrown at her, the death of her son…

I just found out about this too. I never really liked her, but it oddly made me rather sad. I at first thought she had maybe taken her own life after the devastation of losing her son. The article I read said she had been suffering from “flu-like symptoms” :shrug: I just hope she is at peace and people don’t make so much fun of her postmortem now…

actually, custody wasn’t an issue paternity was. There was another man claiming to be the father. And with Anna gone, he will pursist even more until they do a DNA test. Gotta have the baby with the bio dad right?

— i read too much celeb dirt! —

My first thought was OD too… but then there is now more rumours about her hubby offing her for the dough. We will see. :shrug:

Is it just me…or did she always appear to be drunk and/or loaded 24/7 ??? Who talks with slurred words ALL THE TIME???

The death of a young mother is always a sad thing…for the child…and for others who loved her…and we all feel for their loss…but frankly, I was :eyes: ‘up-to-here’ with her face, slurred speech and crazy life on the news day after day after day after day…like who cares about her personal business anyway??? I flipped the channel when ANNA NEWS appeared…and will continue to do so postmortem.

I think trying to keep her weight so far down now could have meant all sorts of unhealthy diet processes. I am sure she was trying to lose baby weight, which could ave meant she wasn’t eating right, or was taking some sort of pilss. It’s so sad. People don’t realize that those diet pills have ephedra and can easily cause your heart to fail.

I am really sorry for her–she really had a hard life, I think, and I imagine she was taken advantage of in a lot of ways. Now, her little daughter is going to have a hard time, too.

I actually have a friend who does. It was probably good for him because he stopped speeding because of it. Whenever he got pulled over for anything traffic related they would make him take a sobriety test.

I think Howard K Stern drugged her up and killed her, just like he did to Daniel (my own speculation, of course.) All too easy to make them both look like OD’s. But since Daniel’s dead, and now Anna, Howard is the legal guardian of Danielynn (unless a paternity test proves otherwise) who is the rightful heir to Anna’s millions… 400 million or something?? I smell a rat. And a made-for-TV movie.

I feel bad for Anna as she’s had a rough time lately. I hope she’s at peace now. And I hope justice is done for Danielynn, whatever that may be.

I think it’ll turn out to be drugs. :shrug:

Is it wrong that I don’t care? :shrug: