Totally OT: Stupid yet oddly amusing

There is this comercial for Comcast and in it this guy is standing there in his boxers with tiger stripes all over his body, talking to his tatoo artist over the phone and they guy tells him:

“Sorry, Roger. You tiger now!”

Every time I hear that I bust out laughing.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

So, what moronic thing tickles your funny bone?

okay i have not seen that one so I can’t laugh with you on it…lol

the one that makes me chuckle all the time that nobody else seems to laugh at is a Cingular commercial. It is the mom yelling at the kids for throwing away their rollover minutes. The kid is arguing that it is march and those minutes are from september. she is telling him that it doesn’t matter they still work and that there are people in the world who don’t have any roll over minutes.

but the thing that makes me laugh is the dad. He is reading the news paper while this is going on and never looks up or gives any indication that he is listening except that at the end you hear a big sigh from him while he continues reading. it makes me laugh every time.

I like the commercial for the salads where the lady is sprinkling chicken cubes over her salad and when she opens the bag you hear a crowd cheering, so her friend picks up the bag and is dancing to their cheering and at the end the friend yells “WOOOH!!!” :stuck_out_tongue: It’s so stupid but I love it!

I have seen the cingualr one. LOL I like it when she starts washing the minutes off in the sink after they had been in the trash.


There is another one I love-I think its for Mastercard. They guy at the zoo is cleaning up near the elephant and starts sneezing. Then the elephant takes his credit card and uses it to burchase kleenex and medicine for him. What makes me laugh is at the end it shows the monkey pulling out a kleenex for the zoo keeper-then it shows some info, and when it cuts back to the scene with the zoo keeper the monkey is at the bottom right of the screen just pulling out tissue after tissue…

Lately I have been very amused by the promos for “Meet the Robinsons”. Like when the man yells at the T-Rex to “Seize the boy” and the T-Rex explains that he can’t because he has a big head and little arms. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Then the woman is talking about wearing the caffeine patch and she lifts up her sleeve and there are little patches all over her arm that look like mini coffee cups. She says she can stay awake for days with no side effects and then lets out a very random scream. :rofl:

Those reduce me to giggles.

Have you ever seen the Comcast high speed internet commericals with the Slowski’s? They’re talking about how Comcast internet is too fast for them and they like dial-up. Those turtles always crack me up.

I have THREE really favorites.

  1. Carrrrrrrne Asada (Say it sexy like Ricardo Mantalban). Taco Bell commercial with lions.

  2. The add with the two guys talking about who is in their “five” and the one guy says “you don’t rub the feet of another guy’s girl, and you don’t put her in your five”. And the other guy says “wow, you’re really paranoid” and then the phone rings and it plays the song “secret lovers”.

  3. Old time classic from a few years ago with Jack in the Box trying to say Chipotle. “Chipatoplay” “Chipoodle” and when they show him, the line that makes up his mouth is all squiggly.

I have never seen the 3rd one, but I know the lions crack me up!!!

I love that one! I laugh everytime.

I LOOOOVE this one! Also the one where the brother picked the same Top 5 as his sister, and she says “Aren’t you going to do anything?” And the dad just says, “Maybe you should have uglier friends.”

And I love all the dropped call ones. “Baby? It’s Earl, isn’t it?”

The best part about that one is the mom–you expect her to look at the dad like he’s a dork, but instead she just nods her head like, “Yeah, honey. Uglier friends.” :rofl:

Hahaha, I keep remembering funny commercials. I like those CitiBank ones about identity theft. One with a guy sitting with a beer and he’s talking in a girl’s voice: “$1500 for a leather bustier?” also with the one with a girl getting a pedicure and she’s talking in a geek’s voice about his girl robot: “this is going to be the best prom ever”. Hehe…I love these.

And at the end he just lets out a sad little sigh. That is a good one!

I love the one commercial for the sprint phone that has theft deterrent (which is just the chucking the phone at someone). (the commercial)

Y’all are making me laugh! :teehee:

My favorite commercial so far is the Hardees (?) Milkshake commercial where the guy is shaking/dancing with the cow, and the song that’s playing is “Shake that thing, oh baby baby, shake that thing…”

Where we live that commercial is a Jack in teh Box commercial.

AHHH!!! I’m at work, and I was physically shaking trying to stop laughing when I read this! I lived in Arizona for a few months and I saw this commercial ALL the TIME, and it cracked me up every time! It just doesn’t have the same effect when 1) you’re repeating it without visuals, and 2) the people you’re telling have never even HEARD of Jack in the Box.

Sigh. Good times.

The first time I saw that, I had to rewind it (TiVo! :)) because it was just too funny, and my boyfriend wanted to know what I was laughing at. He cracked up too. :roflhard:

There’s others, but right now I’m just going blank. Work… :zombie:

I thought Jack in the Box went out of business years ago cause of poor quality, but shows what I know. :teehee:

We don’t have the “Shake that Thing” commercial at all…but then we don’t have Jack in the Box or Hardee’s around these here parts.

Jack in the Box took a dive about 15 years ago, then made a miraculous recovery over the last 10 years.

stop talking about fast food , or I’ll have to poke my fat, too.

I’m going to get sushi.

Have any of you ever seen the “One Second Theater” at the end of the GE commercials? I decided to watch one the other day after I had recorded it on the DVR. It was freakin’ hillarious!!! The commercial is the one with the frog that jumps from one place to another and then there is the “One Second Theater”. Click on the following link and then click “The Ugly Princess”