Totally new to knitting

Ok, so this morning I thought to myself “I want to learn how no knit” so I went out and bought some yarn and needles. I watched the video on the Continental cast on, and that’s worked fine for me, only, I got to the end of the tail of yarn and it’s too small to wrap around my hand anymore.

What do I do now? I have a 3 or so inch piece of yarn hanging off my needle and I don’t know what to do with it. I also don’t know how to build onto the first row I’ve made for myself.

Any help would be SO much appreciated.

Thank you!

:woohoo: You have cast on! That’s awesome!

I would encourage you to watch the video on knitting using the continental method and practice the knit stitch until it is fluid for you. Knitting all stitches on every row is the garter stitch and can be used for lots of different garments- From scarves to sweaters to bags for felting.

My daughter is finishing her first garter stitch sweater and is so proud of herself.

Welcome to the world of making the most of your times and keeping your mind sharp while crafting beautiful items!


Welcome to the addictive world of knitting.

What you have left is the tail of yarn. Leave it until you’re done and then you can weave it in.

I also did the same thing a few weeks ago.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, and I just decided one day, I"m going to learn how to knit today!
So, with the help of some friends online and the videos here, I learned how to knit very quickly.
I also didn’t know how to start the second row after casting on. Leave that 3 inch tail–you can weave it in when your project is finished.
Watch the videos for continental knitting and the “Demo of a Small project” video–that one was VERY helpful to me in understanding knitting, purling, casting off and on, and learning how to start the second row!!
Good luck to you! And have fun!!