Totally LOST - Baby Bootie Pattern

I am totally and utterly lost. This is my first excursion into bootie-making. I’m trying to make these cute ones and I’m stumped at what to do next.

Here’s the pattern:

I knit the cuff (no problem)… knit the eyelet row (for threading the ribbon through at the ankle) and then comes the little flap that makes the top of the bootie (I assume that’s what it’s for).

(I put what I did / how I interpreted the pattern in [COLOR=“Red”]RED[/COLOR])

K8, K1 P1 for 8 stitches, turn,P1 K1 for the same 8. [COLOR=“Red”](As directed)[/COLOR]

Work in seed stitch pattern on these 8 stitches for 12 rows. (total) [COLOR=“Red”](This got awkward after a few rows so I slipped the first set of 8 and last set of 8 stitches onto stitch holders then finished the seed stitch rows)[/COLOR]

Pick up 8 stitches along the edge of instep. [COLOR=“Red”](Instep? Does that mean one side of the little seed stitch flap I just knitted?)[/COLOR] K across. Turn.

Knit 24 stitches, [COLOR=“Red”](But, there are only 8 stitches on the needle. How do I knit 24? Does this mean 3 rows of 8? Is this section for the bottom of the bootie? It doesn’t seem like 3 rows of 8 - if that’s what is meant - is enough. Of course newborn feet are pretty small… or maybe it’s just meant to be half of the sole of the bootie and the completed bootie has a seam running down the bottom?)[/COLOR]

then pick up 8 stitches along opposite edge of instep. [COLOR=“Red”](So, do I put the stitches I was just working on onto a stitch holder or am i supposed to pick the new stitches up while keeping the other stitches on? I’m so confused.)[/COLOR]

Work even in stockinet stitch** for 4 rows. Or stick with garter stitch, knitting all stitches. (If this is the other half of the sole - which is what I suspect, why wouldn’t the entire sole be in the same stitch pattern?)

Dec for foot: K1 K2tog, K14, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K14, K2tog, K1.

K 1 row

Dec again. K1 K2tog, K12, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K12, K2tog, K1.

K1 row.

Bind off. Sew together, and add your ribbon!
What I really wish I had was a a diagram of the shape of the bootie PRIOR to sewing it up. That would help. Any and all help would be [B]so[/B] appreciated. I think I took a wrong turn somewhere and now I can’t get back on track. :([/COLOR]

After you knit the instep–the ‘flap’, then you need to pick up stitches along the sides.

So after you knit your last row of the instep, it looks like this particular pattern has you pick up 8 down the left side as the right side faces you. Turn and knit these 16 (the ones you picked up and the 8 at the top of the instep) then pick up 8 down the right side of the flap. That will give you your 24.
I think there’s an error in the pattern then it tells you to work 24 the first time.

Other patterns have you cut the yarn and pick up along the right side, then across the top and down the left side. This way avoids having an extra end.