Totally FO Bunny Slippers

Yep, I finally finished them. :knitting: I am so happy how they turned out and learned a lot through these and I know my son is happy (well with the one, he doesn’t know I finished the other one today) cuz the one I did finish and let him wear is slowly turning from white to gray. I can’t wait to see how he reacts when he sees their finished.:happydance:


Oh my! Now those are just too darn adorable!! I bet he is going to want to wear them every day. Wonderful job

:inlove: Just adorable!!

Believe it or not that lil bugger had me put them on and than he kicked them off and ran away laughing while chasing one of our cats.

Oh no, as hard as you worked? That’s kids for you. lol

They turned out super cute! Great job! :cheering:

Thanks everyone. :muah: Now I’m working on a rabbit hat to accompany those slippers. :knitting:

Awwww…ever so cute! Nice work! will look forward to any new additions, keeping posted.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]
Get use to it! He’s just breaking you in for the next couple decades.

The slippers are darling! [/COLOR][/FONT]:yay:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Lots of different techniques used and lots of nice finishes.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Thaey are so adorable :inlove:

Adorable! Great work!