Totally confused

Ok, I am about to start the heel of my first sock using magic loop and I am totally confused.

For heel
It says have an even amount of stitches on your needle (I have 30).
K across the 30 stitches, turn work then purl across.

heel flap
Sl 1, k 1, repeat across for 30 rows? Is this right? Sounds like alot of rows…

turning heel
sl 1, k to last 7 stitches, k2tog, k 1, turn
sl 1, p to last 7 stitiches, p2tog, p 1, turn,
sl 1, k to the little gap, k2tog, k 1, turn,
sl 1, p to the little gap, p2tog, p 1, turn,
sl 1, k to the little gap, k2tog, k1, no more stitches to turn

Alright so my question really is when I get to the heel & heel flap. The heel flap for 30 rows seems a bit much, but I don’t know since it’s my first sock.
If any one can help, I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hi there!

30 heel flap rows is usually about right when doing fingering weight yarn on size 0-3 needles… However, I question the lack of purling in the pattern, usually the heel flaps are done in stockinette or in your case, a slip stitch heel, but even then, the WS is usually purled…

the next part is the heel turn and that does appear to be right. it will make like a little “cup” for the heel.

hope this helps!

Where’s the pattern from? If online can you link?
There are patterns with garter-stitch heels/toes. Is it possible the slip 1 k 1 across applies only to RS rows? A typical pattern would be WS purl across, RS sl1 k1 sl1 k1 etc. 30 rows is about right especially for a 30-stitch heel.

the heel stitch is commonly:
[COLOR=Blue]*S1, K1, repeat across row.
S1, Purl across row.[/COLOR]

and normally your heel flap has as many rows as there are stitches.
ie, 30 stitches=30 rows of heel stitch (above in blue)

the heel stitch, because of the slip stitch pattern, has a tighter gauge (both row and stitch gauge is tighter) than stocking knit.

the 30 stitches/30 rows ratio is ‘normal’ but not iron clad.

some socks have longer flaps, some shorter. but most are close to this ratio.

the slip stitch at edge will create a ‘chain stitch’ at selvage, and these chain stitches make it much easier to pick up gusset stitches.

the heel turn sound like a round or half round. (there are several different styles for turns, (v, round, half round, square, to name the most common)

Charlotte Schurch, in her book sensational knitted socks has, hands down, the best instructions on how to pick up a stitch in the ‘corner’ (when picking up stitches for the gusset) take a peek at her book if you can, (see the process and its not hard to repeat… to explain would take pages!)

as for gusset, don’t worry if you have an extra stitch or 2–longer (or shorter) gussets don’t mess up a sock…

other wise, sound like you are well on your way!