Totally afterthought i-cord, in-the-round?

ok, so i’m unhappy with the flimsiness of my 30 hearts cowl’s edging. the seed stitch is not as sturdy as it should be. i’d like to do a fully after-the-fact applied i-cord edging. the cowl was done seamlessly, in-the-round. i get the basics of it, sliding stitches instead of turning needles, pulling working yarn from the ‘wrong’ side, etc, but i’m having trouble finding a video that shows it done on a seamless item…

…i get the sense that i should still do this with DPNs, instead of circular needles, since i’m working with so few stitches. i basically need to pu&k, then (cable?) cast on extra stitches, work those, then keep pu&k-ing while knitting those few stitches, all the way around. then when i get to the end, i graft the first and last stitches together via kitchener stitch? did i just go off the rails, or am i close? :wink:

i’ve looked at videos and picture tutorials here on KH, on very pink, on new stitch a day, on craftsy, etc.

my other option would be just a few rounds of garter stitch on the top and bottom, but i think the i-cord would be more decorative.

Provisional cast on and grafting ends together. It wouldn’t matter that you’re not binding off I think. I-cord Bind Off Instructions & Tutorial

At the end of your work, replace the 3 stitches on your left needle and knit them together through the back loops. If working in the round, you might want a seamless look. I suggest provisionally casting on your first 3 stitches and then grafting them to the last 3 when you are finished binding off.

You’ve probably already seen this or similar, but - Working an I-cord edge on a finished edge

mmm-hmmm… okaaaay… hmmm… youbetcha… head quietly implodes

i saw that craftsy tutorial earlier. it seemed helpful then, but now… i honestly can’t tell if they’re working from the right side or wrong side of the fabric. and then i get lost with the slipping of stitches, on all the tutorials. and knittedmoon’s totally threw me… i almost thought the video was flipped horizontally. i had a ‘does not compute’ moment.

i thought maybe the berroco tutorial would help ( but nope.

and then cynthia spencer’s video was good (… calm, step-by-step. but i couldn’t get it to work on my project. i was clearly doing something wrong.

i’m now up to page 3 of the youtube results, and nancy wynn’s video (… i’m trying to be cautiously optimistic because her videos are usually very helpful, but… not having a lot of confidence here, in me. it might have to be a daylight/fresh-brain task. at least with nancy’s, i can tell she’s picking up and knitting on right away, with needles on the right/out side, yarn coming through from the wrong/in side, and it’s a contrast color, so it resembles what i want to be doing. tomorrow, tomorrow… :wink:

Purl Bee tutorial for attached (not applied) i-cord - she’s adding to around the top of a slipper with a provisional cast-on and grafting the ends together.

Not sure if a video is better for you (learning styles and all that), but her pictures are very clear and I found it easy to follow.