Total score!

I just made out like a bandit and I have to share because I’m so thrilled. (It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. :slight_smile: )

My husband and I went to a thrift store here in town looking for some small jars (he’s an art student and needs them for a painting class). We didn’t find many jars but we did discover that they had all their winter clothes for 1 dollar a bag. This included all long sleeve shirts, sweater, corduroy clothing and coats. We got my husband 6 long sleeve shirts, me 6 shirts, me two skirts, and me a really nice heavy trench coat for 13 bucks (and the skirts weren’t part of the sale). I love thrift stores. Love. Them.

Great finds!

That’s funny… my husband and I are going to a thrift store today! Crossing my fingers that I’ll find as good of a deal :slight_smile:

Except for church clothes and gifts, my son never wore new stuff until he went into middle school (when we weren’t homeschooling).

Our thrift stores had jeans that he could rip the knees out of, and I wouldn’t freak. Kid went through a pair every week.

You had a really good haul, congratulations!