Total novice, experts what do u think of this

OK so am fairly confident with knitting now started my first project a tank top. Fancy doing this hot water bottle cover as a xmas pressie for my dad. What do people think to this pattern.

Looks great! Since you’ve done a tank top, I’m assuming you know how to check your tension before beginning by knitting up a swatch? Just making sure, because even if your tension is off by 1/2 stitch, the cover will come out way too big or small!

Also-- if you’ve never done short rows before-- this pattern has them. They are very easy; what you’re doing is just before you get to the very end of the row (by whatever they tell you-- I think the first time it’s 3 sts), you turn AS IF YOU HAD FINISHED THE ROW and start the next row.

I’m sure he’ll love it!

So [I]that’s [/I]what short rows are :oops:

SO are the short rows the bit where i do the turn. My friend taught me what to do when it says turn.

Yes, they’re short because you don’t go all the way to the end. Later, you’ll pick them up and do complete rows again.

I think its all making sense, sort of. Off to buy the right wool tomorrow. Dads fave colour navy blue. :teehee:

I never knew that either. Here I’ve been doing them and not knowing what they were. :aww: Now I don’t have to skive off patterns that call for them. :teehee: