Total Newbie question

Hi there… i’m totally new to Knitting… i’ve just completed a scarf in garter stitch and am on another 2 in garter stitch…

So i am yet to purl or follow a pattern etc… I have decided to take the plunge and try and create Mr Dangly … only problem being when i say total newbie i mean it… i have no fellow knitters to show me the ways… so getting to the question… which is the best cast on method to use with this pattern and can anyone give me any breakdown tips or hints regarding getting this project moving before i jack it in and start another scarf :eyes:

Any help will be met with a super grin and huge thanks…

You will need to purl on the back, but it’s about time you learned how to do Sister Purl!:fingerwag: :teehee:

Use whatever cast on you’re comfortable with. It won’t matter with this pattern.

When they say to ‘increase in the next stitch,’ use the knit in front and back method. Amy has video for all the increases and decreases in the pattern.

Just follow it line-by-line and you should be ok; if not, hop in here with your question.

Thank you :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:… i am off to check out all the videos… i shall have mastered the purl by morning i imagine… :happydance: