TOTAL newbie, changing colours

Hi all, just started my first ever project this week :slight_smile: It’s a stripy scarf, of course! Now my book tells me to change colours by just starting to knit with the new colour and dropping the old, but I’m having a bit of trouble with this! It alkl seems too loose and in danger of unraveling when I do this, and I don’t seem to have enough fingers or something to hold it all tight. I’m kind of tempted to cut the old colour and tie it in a know to the new colour. Any advise? If this amazingly easy and I am just making it complicated? Thanks :slight_smile:

Give the dropped strand a tug a few stitches later and it will tighten back up. Then when you weave it in it should stay there and stay tight.

Tying in is your choice. But don’t cut it too short. You’ll still want to leave tails to weave in. You can weave them in in such a manner to keep the knot on the back of the piece.
I’m a knotter.

If you leave tails at least 5-6" long, they really won’t unravel. After you get a few rows past you can tighten up the loose stitches. Knot if you want, then weave in the ends.

I confess … I’m a knotter, but I don’t think I’d do it on a scarf or other flat piece. It would be quite noticeable on the ends.

You can do a loose knot to temporarily secure the ends, then undo it a weave them in.