Total newbie blanket question

So I’ve only knitted a scarf once I’m a big crocheter but my pregnant sister just had to fall in love with a knitting baby blanket pattern! So now I shall expand my knitting horizons. Now i haven’t really tried it out yet but wanted to save myself alot of frustrations by asking this first. How the heck do you knit a blanket thats wider than your needle is? I mean I’ve seen blankets that are big enough for beds. How do you do that? The baby blanket will probably be small but I’m worried it wont fit on my needles. So do you have to have gigantic needles to do a blanket? Or a round needle set with a HUGE connector… seems like that would be in the way alot… Anyways if someone could answer my question that’d be wonderful! I’ll also hang out in chat awhile if people want to discuss it there. Thank you for answering what I’m sure is a simple question! Oh and I’d really love to start the blanket soon the baby’s already a backing doncha know! lol

Edit: Also wonder which kind of cast on people recommend for baby blanket that will have fringe on the bottom and top side? The one I’ve used previously is the knit stich cast on I believe.

when knitting (in the round or flat) your stitches easily get bunched up on the needle
I think Ingrid once said u can fit 3x the length on a needle
I fit 15’ (yes FEET) of a scarf on a 36" needle
no that is not a typo
circular needles are my friends


ooooh okies see i knew it was simple I was just sooo scared to try and have to start all over XP! Now to go review the cast on video and I’ll be good to start! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

For blankets and other large pieces, most people use a circular needle which you can knit flat on, the knitting doesn’t have to be joined to knit in a circle. It will hold a lot more stitches than even a 14" straight needle and your arms and wrists don’t get so tired from holding all the weight.

So I edited on another query. Which cast on method would you recommend for a baby blanket? I believe the one I’ve used before was the knit stich cst on method. This blanket will have finge on bottom and top side. Thanks!

That should work fine. I find it leaves a little bit of a loop edge, but that will be easier to put the fringe on.

I agree with everyone here. Go with circulars. They used to scared me, but now I see them as a godsend. They feel so much better on your wrists! Happy Knitting! :knitting:

knitted cast on should be fine if that is the one you are most comfortable with.