Total newb...need help!

I just started around a month ago…totally learned from the vids on this site (which are AWESOME!!)

I have a question -

I’ve just been picking up supplies without really knowing what I’m looking at (I know, newbie mistake) and I was excited to buy some bamboo circular needles for $1.50 at wal-mart the other day. I didn’t realize that I needed to check the [I]length[/I] of the cable…

Anyway, my issue is, I was going to knit my 3 year old daughter a rolled cap for winter. I measured her head, measured my stitches and came out with 96 for my cast-on (I’m using the easy peasy hat pattern from Lion Brand) when I cast on my new needles, I had a TON of space left…and stupidly I tried to go ahead anyway and just pull the cable out some so I could still get the stitches to go around. Well, needless to say, that didn’t work out so well.

Am I just going to have to go and buy new needles? or can I make it work with this one?


I forgot to mention that I have a 29" needle set (I measured it from tip to tip) and the needle size is US 8.

Well, you’re really on the right track, that’s how you can knit a smaller item on longer circs. See the Advanced Techniques page for Magic loop. There’s also a single loop variation that may work better with your needles, the cord on that one isn’t too flexible but I think I’ve used the one loop method with it. It may take a little practice since you’re still learning anyway.

Thank you!!! I’m going to check it out now…and keep trying :slight_smile:

Or, you could just switch to a 16" circular, which works best for hats. Eventually, you would need to switch to dpns at the top of the hat, when it’s time for decreasing. Or, you could do the Magic Loop method at that point.

I don’t have a 16" yet…

I did try single loop and that worked out really well…I got my stitches twisted at some point and it made a nice edge…but then I underestimated how many inches I needed to make it a hat…so now I have a pretty potholder, lol.

Next time, I am doing this on those needles with the smaller cable. This one is really inflexible.

Thanks for the advice, I sure appreciate it!