Tossing these DPN'S

That’s it… :grrr: :grrr: I think I’d have better luck (and not put out an eye) :shrug: tying kite string to 3 samurai kitchen knives…then these friggin DPN’S :grrr: Hopefully, I’ll learn Magic Loop or using 2 circs to do socks :wall: otherwise forget it :cheering: :cheering:

You might want to try different types of DPNs–I can use light bamboo ones easier than heavy metal ones. Or just learn magic loop. I much prefer that! :wink:

I can use DPNs with no problems but i would prefer about 100 times over to use 2 circs for a variety of reasons. first of all i think they handle better and the biggest reason, i don’t is that i carry my work everywhere. I have MUCH less of a chance of dropping my work off the needles if they are on two circs.

I say try 2 circs (or magic loop if you must! :wink: ) …you won’t regret it!

save the needles for later
but you can learn to love them as useful tools
2 Circ is WAY COOL
Metal DPN are useful when the 2 Circ just are to crazy, and for a Cable needle, and for scraping wax out of the bottom of a Candle jar

think of the men in your life

NEVER throw out a perfectly useful tool


I :heart: magic loop! Everything is always there, push the work down the needles to travel, no confusion with which needle goes where. I’ll never go back to dpn’s and I may never try 2 circs (why use two when one will do?!) :lol:

Thanks for your input…Speaking of Magic Loop…is a US1 47" needles tooo long??? What size do you like??? Thanks Chele

They say 40" is best, but I have just ordered a 47" to try it out. I don’t think it’ll be too long, it’ll just give you more slack.

I was so suspicious of Magic loop when I first heard about it, but reading about so many people who like it kinda makes me want to try it. I haven’t had much trouble with DPN’s, but I actually have ladders sometimes when I use two circs. (I read somewhere that if you have ladders with DPN’s, try 2 circs, but naturally I had to have the opposite problem.)

Are patterns on 2 circs or DPN’s easy to adapt to Magic Loop?